YES Snowboard The Greats 154

YES Snowboard The Greats 154
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THE GREATS  Just when you thought this theme could not be milked any further, we... mehr
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Just when you thought this theme could not be milked any further, we blow you away with the graphical mind-fucking of Mr. Peter-John de Villiers. Inside the world of these deeply layered illustrations you’ll be seduced by historical references of past glories, influences and milestones. The talents of Todd Richards, John Cardiel, Noah Salasnek and the infamous Shawn Palmer will never be forgotten and this year we give respectful thanks for the world they had a heavy hand in creating.

This year we’ve reshaped and refined the Asymmetrical-twin that re-started it all. By redesigning the nose and tail and tweaking the sidecut geometry we’ve created an even better asym. The tighter heel sidecut than toe, balances out the inefficiencies of the way we naturally ride and creates a board that is both highly intuitive and rips going switch.

RIDERS: JP Solberg, Austen Sweetin

LENGTHS: 152, 154, 156, 158

SHAPE: Asym Twin

OUTLINE: Asymmetric Radial Sidecut

FLEX: 4/5

BASE PROFILE: Camrock 2-4-2

CORE: Poplar + Bamboo

GLASS: Triax w/ Carbon Stringers

BASE MATERIAL: Sintered True

Color: black, red, white
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