Remz Skate HR 2.5

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The new Remz HR2.5 [Stealth] features a fresh streamlined design, an all new liner, new... mehr
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The new Remz HR2.5 [Stealth] features a fresh streamlined design, an all new liner, new reinforced patterns, and a new ankle strap system. Its new internal pattern composition allows optimal use of shell space inside the Remz, this allows for a closer-to-the-foot sizing and at the same time more toe room, while also cutting down some weight. The High Resilience construction on the HR2.5 has been reworked to fix “soft spots” issues experienced on previous skin models and improve overall support and stability on landings. This new HR also features a new remz “wide-strap” (also compatible with buckles) allowing for a slim look while not compromising ankle support. The solid Remz one piece soul frame offers a smooth grind and as always with the renowned classic Remz models, skin and plastic components are connected together to provide the one of a kind Remz “freedom-of-feet” support/flex combination flowing from the brand’s long line of proven and innovative ideas.  The HR2.5 comes fully loaded with Ground Control FeatherLite 3 frames and top shelf Remz 64mm wheels w/ anti-rocker setup.  



- New “High Resilience” skin composition

- Stealth black color scheme

- Original Remz freedom-of-feet concept

- Unique hybrid hard/soft boot technology

- New ergonomic Remz liner ft/ Neoprene toe box

- New ankle strap

- High impact shock absorber

- One piece Soul Frame 

- Ground Control FLT 3 frame

- 64mm Remz wheels

- Abec 7 bearings

- 42 mm anti-rocker wheels


Sizes: 6-13, and 10.5




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