Penny Completes 27" - Spike Orange

Penny Completes 27" - Spike Orange
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About the Spike 27" With a graffiti-inspired geometric print and an orange burst of... mehr
Produktinformationen "Penny Completes 27" - Spike Orange"

About the Spike 27"

With a graffiti-inspired geometric print and an orange burst of colour that brings instant fun, the Spike 27” is a great skateboard for any Penny fan. In a nod to the ‘90s goodness that’s re-invigorating our current style, this board will give you instant street cred. 

The Set Up
As part of Penny’s Fresh Prints range, the Spike 27” is a colourful Penny design with a big personality. A carefree way to cruise around the streets, the 27” Penny is built to provide a quick ride that’s effortlessly cool. Its slightly bigger size makes learning to skate or practicing tricks that little bit easier to manage with more board underfoot.

Wheels and Bearings
Purple 59mm 83A wheels complement the great geometric design that Spike features. Made from Penny's high quality, chip-resistant formula, these wheels give you a smooth ride and last for ages. Complete with Abec 7 bearings you'll have the best board around.

Blue powder coated trucks draws out the blue in the board’s bright pattern. The high-quality aluminium construction of Penny truckskeeps your ride light, strong, and ready to carve.

Even the smallest Penny components have great style! The 27" Slater comes with blue high tensile bolts that provide another layer of colour against the orange waffled deck, and match your purple wheels.
Color: blue, orange
Precesion: Abec 7
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