Rampworx Snapback Cap purple/teal

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  Have you ever finished a session at the skatepark and had a serious case of helmet... mehr
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Have you ever finished a session at the skatepark and had a serious case of helmet hair? Yeah we thought so, but don’t worry Rampworx has your back.

The RampWorx SnapBacks have become a must have item with pro riders around the world – riders have literally flown from all over the world to the Skatepark to get their hands one of these caps. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the UK’s biggest skatepark to pick one up though – you can grab one online today!

Unlike other brands RampWorx doesn’t think that you should have to break the bank just to buy a cap! They would rather you be able to save that extra money and hit up your local skatepark for a session.

The RampWorx Snapback is made to the highest quality using the best techniques to bring you a great snapback for a fraction of the cost. What are you waiting for? Grab one today and keep your helmet hair hidden!

P.S Did we mention that chicks dig hats?








  • Raised 3D Front Embroidery
  • ’97’ Stitched to Rear
  • Squared Peak with Screen Printed Logo Under Visor
  • Cotton Sweatband and Vent Holes
  • Custom RampWorx Piping

Sizing: One Size Fits All!

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